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Angler Of The Month

Our photo gallery is full of wonderful pictures from right across Ontario and around world. Members are always keeping us up-to-date with their biggest catch. check back regularly for new photos
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Each month an OFC member is randomly selected as our profiled angler. A mini bio on who are they ?where do they fish and what do they like to fish for.

Angler Of The Month April, 2018

Krystal Dale
Kingston, Ontario

Target Specie/s
My favourite species to target though, and I know I'll get some flack for it... but it tends to be the snot rockets. Maybe it's how they snatch your bait at the last second (when I'm not paying attention,) but I love the fight they put up. The quality of bass at the cottage has gotten better over the years, but there was always plenty of pike. But in recent years, my love for bass has grown (as the waters I'm now fishing have less of the others,) as I've learned more and more about them. I've always joked though that I'll fish for whatevers biting... I just enjoy being out on the water, even when they're not hungry.

Favourite Lake/River
As for my favourite lake, well it's actually a river. The cottage is on the Madawaska River, just east of Calabogie Lake. My grandfather built the place and my family eventually took it over. It's where my love for fishing all started. There's perch, rock bass, large and smallmouth, pike, walleye (or as northern folks say, pickerel,) and even the odd musky if you're lucky. I haven't landed my musky yet... but I also haven't been able to fish much where they hang out. Hope to rectify that though this upcoming summer. I've got my mind made up that I'm out to catch one, whether they like it or not. They say they're the fish of a thousand casts... well I'm long overdue!

Most Memorable Catch
My most memorable catch, happens to be of a pike actually. I was a canoe fisher for years, until I traded it in for a 56lb kayak. It was easier to get around and far more compact for me. I was up on Ratter Lake, Thanksgiving weekend a few years ago and it had been raining on and off. I was wet, cold and becoming slightly miserable at this point. I had reeled in a few nice bass and a couple small pike. I was going to call it a day as I was getting sore from sitting. I made my way back to the shoreline, got back onto land and was about to pack up. Instead, I cracked a pop and thought to myself, "Hell, I'll go for one more spin around the bay". I get back out after a quick stretch and after a few casts, I think I'm snagged on a floating log because my black spinner latched on right away. Now, I don't have the gadgets, so I'm fishing blind out there. I have no idea what's down there or how deep it is. I've got my 5lb anchor down to slow me down a bit so I'm not getting blown around by the wind. So I go to reach for the anchor to haul it up and suddenly, whatever has my spinner darts off and I'm thinking, "Ooooh boy, herrrre we go!" After getting hauled around carefully for 15-20 minutes since I typically fish with 6-8lb line, I finally see what's on the other end. It's the largest pike (fish) I've ever caught and now I'm wondering how I'm going to get my lure back. It's my favourite and I'm not letting this pike take off with it! It was so long, I could barely get it out of the water to weigh it, so I'm not entirely sure but it was anywhere from 14-15lb. My net was too small for it and so I was left covered in slim after hauling it out. It's actually the one pictured in the photos and also one of the nicest looking pikes I've ever caught as well. Maybe some day I'll have a boat so I can go play alongside with the big boys where the big fish are, but I've done fairly well over the years on my small 'floatation devices'. Remember, the further you have to paddle out, the more paddling it takes to get back and I'd rather spend more time with my line in the water.

Dream Fishing Trip
 My ultimate goal ttrip though would to be to fish every province and territory across Canada. Over the last few years, I've gotten to check off a few more species off my list, but there is just so many more out there. I know I'll never be able to catch every single one imaginable, but I can certainly try. Just wish fishing wasn't such an 'expensive hobby'. At the same time, I honestly don't know where I would be without it. Let's just say, it keeps me sane. The tug is my drug

Krystal Dale
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